What is it about LaLa's Lemonade that makes it so great?

LaLa’s Lemonade produces and distributes all natural, hand-crafted lemonade and we strive to ensure every bottle is the freshest and most delicious lemonade ever!

LaLa’s was founded in Austin, Texas in 2009 by Lara Hill-Raich after she and her husband Steve lost their jobs within days of one another – ouch!

After starting out at local farmers markets as a way to gauge consumer interest, we expanded into a number of local restaurants, deli’s, stores and schools as demand grew. Today the LaLa’s makes over twenty thousand gallons of product annually. We are in over 30 area restaurants and stores and are adding new customers daily. Despite our growth, we still make every lemonade by hand, use only the highest quality ingredients, never add preservatives or artificial flavors and continue to grow our company one lemonade at a time.

We love being part of Austin and the Austin food scene and have had a blast creating the LaLa’s brand. Look for us at your favorite deli, market or farmers market and remember to drink more LaLa’s!

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